Monday, 16 August 2010

A warm welcome!

Hello Gamblers and whoever has an interest in reading the thoughts and performance of a full-time gambler!

I'm Kodagira (codename given to me) and from the 1st of September 2010 I will be gambling more or less on a full-time basis. I use the term "more or less" as I'll still be working part-time from 2 til 6 in the afternon, but as all my bets are placed before 2 or after 6 then I'm still going to consider myself a full-timer, and my plans are to eventually go full-time full-time, meaning no normal 9-5 job.

You may think I'm mad going full-time... wait a second, I just want to point something out first. I wouldn't consider myself a Pro yet, just a full-timer. I haven't the expertise or been there done that yet to be up there with the big boys. But I'm not naive, I'm in the with right people who know what they're talking about and, over time, who knows how my gambling will turn out... so, carrying on. I'm not mad, I actually see this transition over to gambling as an opportunity to have my own business. And that's exactly how I will treat gambling, as my own business, and it is up to me, to make this business work!

Now, I don't want to go into any further details as I'll be revealing bits and pieces along the way, so I hope to see your comments here on the blog. My plan is to update the blog daily with my thoughts on the day and performance. The blog will be vital to get all off my chest from the day's rollercoaster ride.

Leading up to the 1st of September I'll be putting comments on the blog about what I've been doing to get myself organised.

Looking forward to reading your comments and feedback.


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