Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Christmas Eve

I do tend to think outside of the box so some of my blog titles may seem a little strange, but I'm sure you'll end up liking the content.

Christmas Eve because my present tomorrow means I'm going part-time at work to concentrate on betting and studying. I do say that we should treat every day like it's Christmas Day, easier said than done when we get caught up in the rat race. Being able to get bets on quicker and achieve tipster's recommended odds combined with studying the stats for my own systems may mean I can leave my normal day job altogether at some point in the future, but my focus now is to replace the 50% lost on my monthly salary. That's where my tipsters do the hard work. I currently use 13 different systems, and have no superstitions when it comes to the number 13! lol

I also am actively using two of my own systems, but because they focus on niche markets shall not be sharing them with you, at least for the time being anyway. What I will be sharing with you is my daily performance, thoughts and experiences. If you're starting try and imagine yourself earning £500 one day then losing the same amount the day after. Close your eyes, turn off the television and imagine yourself losing that amount... if you feel your heart pounding, or that feeling of insecurity then you probably can't afford to lose such amounts, meaning the money you stake should be lower. Work your way up slowly, only lottery winners and inheritance can get you up the ladder from one day to the next. Be humble, focussed, patient and realistic, combined with being detailed about record keeping, disciplined and too organised!

Until tomorrow... blog should be updated around 9pm GMT, unless there are any late evening races or football.


  1. best of luck Kodagira i wish you all the best not to mention patience,discipline+ will to succeed,you seem to be on the right track

  2. Thanks for the support David, support and motivation is key in this business!