Friday, 13 May 2011

Condensed, and an annoucement

Having a more condensed portfolio is certainly a lot easier to work with, and I feel that the services I've stuck with are very good ones. It's a pity System Selections have turned a 117 PTS loss since I joined but that is how the dice roles at times, there have been instances when I've joined at the right time so it should all be balancing itself out.

Here are the results since the last post:

Tipster: Todays P/L: Stakes: ROI: POINTS Total:
4PA -1.19 6.00 -20% 104.36
CL 0.00 0.00   44.02
EI 13.11 12.00 109% 75.33
FBD 2.23 9.29 24% -4.18
FE 0.00 0.00   23.77
FI 0.00 0.00   32.44
MGB 0.00 0.00   13.31
PJAF -7.48 15.00 -50% 17.69
SK 0.00 0.00   64.81
SR 9.08 5.00 182% 8.66
STR 12.11 48.00 25% 67.76
SYS -19.79 146.00 -14% -117.99
AB 3.94 1.75 225% 4.89
MB 0.00 0.00   -10.96
TRAM 0.00 0.00   -12.76
TRAS 0.00 0.00   -1.61
WIFLI 0.00 0.00   -5.50
Today: 12.02 243.04 60.24%  
Active Tipsters Total:       304.03
All Tipsters Total:        
Financial Totals: This month: £1,181.73    

Today was one of those really good days that haven't been happening much recently. When Equine does the business it really does pull the rest of the services up. We had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the service today meaning some very tidy profits. Even the Accidental bets did well a few days ago and again that was in part attributable to Equine. I don't think I fully explained Equine's rather strange new staking system to the wife so when the bet came through at £150 she staked that same amount. The real stake should of been just under half that amount but guess what, it only went on a won didn't it? I couldn't keep a straight face when she asked me if it had won or not. Then came the demand for a bonus salary!

It's kind of embarrassing that the Accidental Bets are doing better than my own bets, it just goes to show how events are never guaranteed and that luck does really play its part. I'm not a fan of luck, I'd much rather calculate the probabilities, find mistakes in the odds and play to win long-term with value on my side.

I have a major announcement to make within the next week or so... some colleagues and myself plan on rolling out a free trading service. The aim is to help gamblers diversify their portfolios, focusing on making profits from exchanges where you won't be restricted or told your custom isn't welcome. Lots of details to be ironed out still, but will come back later with further details.

Good luck!



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