Saturday, 27 August 2011

27/08 - Results

Here are today's results.

JJK v FC Inter - 14:00
- The first goal came just a few minutes before the stop loss hit. -0.52

JJK v FC Inter - 14:00
- 0-0 at half-time activating the trade. The first goal went to the underdog so we didn't get the odds movement we would have liked. +0.38

Kalmar FF v IFK Goteborg - 15:00
- The stats and head to head said there would be plenty of goals, finished 0-0. - 1.99

Kalmar FF v IFK Goteborg - 15:00
- 0-0 at half-time, but that's how the game finished. -1.5

Valerenga v Haugesund - 17:00
- An early goal ensured we got our winner. +0.45

Hiroshima v Niigata - 11:00
- A very poor game, with just the one goal coming very late on. -1.76

Hiroshima v Niigata - 11:00
- The late goal saved us on this one. +1.1

Shimizu v Yokohama FM - 11:00
- How this finished 0-0 we'll never know, chance after chance. -1.5

Sendai v Yamagata - 11:00
- 2-1 at half-time.

Profit/Loss for 27/08:
-5.42 PT
Running Profit/Loss:
+12.1 PTS

That's another record broken, but for the wrong reasons obviously. Have looked over the stats for every single team and come to the same conclusion twice: today was a freak event. We look at the ins and outs of every team we trade: head to head, last x games, last x games against same opposition type and some other stats. If there is anything out of place it's simply not traded. But, the football gods were not so kind today and tomorrow is another day. We take it on the chin and move on, as always.

Back tomorrow morning with the day's trades.


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