Monday, 29 August 2011

29/08 - Results

Here are today's results.

MyPa v Jaro - 16:30
- A 42nd minute away goal meant we could green-up. +0.68

Haka v HJK Helsinki - 16:30
- An 18th minute goal meant no trade.

Haka v HJK Helsinki - 16:30
- No half-time draw.

Rosenborg v Odd Grenland - 18:00
- Another early goal meant no trade.

Rosenborg v Odd Grenland - 18:00
- 4-0 at half-time.

Profit/Loss for 29/08:
+0.65 PT
Running Profit/Loss:
+13.27 PTS

Well, now it's the opposite of what we were getting at the weekend; early goals. So, in theory that should mean that for our next games the goals should come bang smack in the middle, not too early, not too late. Unfortunately the laws of randomality don't allow perfect predictions, but it's been a good day!

The next 10 days are going to be very quiet.



  1. Hello Koda,

    will you be applying your selvetion technique to the English leagues (after enough games will be played ?). Sureley with the EPL and the Championship providing good liquidity there will be merry pickings ?

    Great work by the way.

  2. Hi AG,

    Not sure yet, again, it all depends on the value. Definitely a possibility though.

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