Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Twitter - in-play trades

I have started putting into practice the necessary infrastructure for our in-play trading service that will start at the beginning of September. For those that have given me their Twitter accounts already I have added those IDs to my in-play Twitter account; Kodagira_In-play. If anyone else would like to receive the Tweets for the service then please send an email to where I'll add your Twitter ID and then all you'll need to do is add me as well.

Once my trading partner has created his in-play Twitter ID I will notify all by email.

The likely scenario for such a service is that at the beginning of the week we will send out an in-play schedule. Then, on the day that trading is likely to happen we will send out a message in the morning advising whether there are likely to be in-play trades or not. This way we can all be organised, I certainly wouldn't want anyone hanging around for trades that won't be coming.

Will be doing some in-play trades over the next couple of weeks, as testers, won't be anything official.

Back soon,



  1. So, Koda, I think this blog had from the beginning nothing to do with you sharing your experience of following tipsters, but it was all a marketing strategy to get exposure so that you can launch a betting/trading service.

  2. Hi Pete,

    I could delete your comment, but I'll keep it up for others to see, just in case they want to do the right thing and ask questions, rather than coming to silly conclusions.

    If you want to know anything, ask, it's easy, and I'd give you an honest answer. If you read my older blog posts, you'll see I've always been honest with myself, and with others.


  3. Koda,
    No offence, but it looks that way, now that after a year of blogging you start a service to earn money.
    In my view starting a service has abosolutely nothing to do with the stated intention. I dont feel I need to ask questions., I have read your blog from the beginning and now I feel that I have wasted my time.
    I think you will agree that one thing is to change strategy (e.g. switch from following tipsters to trading) and reflect this on the blog, completely different story is when within 2-3 months the blog turns into an advertising tool for the new service you are starting.

    And talking about honesty: What's that statement "I have been making steady profits from betting for the last couple of years."?
    If you go back to the older posts or indeed the SBC forum there is no mention of steady profits for the last couple of years. In fact you stated your desire to start making steady profits by following tipsters, but you could never achieve it, and as a result you switched to trading. All this reinforces the impression that this sentence has been added to show that you are already a pro who has proven over the years that he can make steady profits from betting.


  4. Hi Pete,

    You're not one to go down easily and I like that. I really hope you channel such energy into research and possibly coming up with your own angles.

    Absolutely no offence taken, and the reason being is simply because you have decided on what conclusions to arrive at without doing the necessary homework, a trait that will ultimately lead to failure.

    For a start, it had never crossed my mind that I would start trading as I do now but maybe it was my destiny. I mean, I'd already been on courses with Bet Angel, Centaur Academy and even forked out £900 for one (yes just one) private trading lesson, all many months before I started this blog.

    I can tell you now that it was never my intention to supply trades. That came about because a few traders on Centaur were looking for people to trade certain leagues. As nobody volunteered for one of the leagues I went for it. At the time I saw it as an opportunity to root out the indiscipline in my trading; I would never want to risk losing money for others. After an initial loss I made just under 6 PTS from my thread in two months, nothing spectacular, but it was something positive at last.

    However, my indiscipline continued, it was always 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. Therefore, I involved a trading colleague (from Centaur) and we decided to setup our own service, we both saw helping others as a way of helping ourselves.

    Quite frankly what you mention about making steady profits was true at the time of writing, look at the profits I had made. From then on in my profits from betting dropped and so did my confidence in back betting generally. The last straw came when I had been following, for months, the tipsters in my portfolio suffering loss after loss, not missing a single bet. Then, when a family member was ill and I went to keep her company the profits rolled in and I didn't place anything that day. It was a real stab in the back, but nobody's fault. Then I made the decision that trading would be my priority. Once all is well with the trading setup I will very likely continue following regular tipsters, they are hardworking and in the long-run many produce the goods.

    I think you have got confused regarding our service, very confused. For the record it is free for a year, yes a whole year of our lives. If it produces good profits within that year then I'm sure subscribers would be more than happy to continue with us. If it doesn't it will simply be another service that has been and gone.

    Trading is a very good way of diversifying a portfolio of investments. That may be as part of investing in the stock market, spread betting, back betting with tipsters or any other form of investment. That is how I have viewed trading since around March of this year.

    And, to finish this off, if you believe your time to have been wasted reading this blog, I can tell you right now that you're in the minority. Before I was putting up the daily trades I was writing articles, articles that many people have had only good things to say about. Now, the trades are up and they are making money for people, for free.

    Good luck Pete!

  5. Thanks very much Koda for the great reply.

    Okay, I admit this "waste of time" thing is not realy the case. What I meant is that I appreciated the blog a lot as it was before the trades started, but then when it suddenly changed completely with all the articles gone, it felt as if it was just a way to get people interested and build a following. I appreciate now this might not have been the case.
    Yes, I got confused about the service. If it is free I apologise.
    In any case good luck to you and your partner and hope the articles will come back at some point, cause they made the blog different from all the rest.

  6. Absolutely marvellous that you keep this blog up Koda. Your angles have helped my own trading a lot. Keep on going mate!


  7. Pete, no worries. I'll have my site ready soon, and I'll be putting up some articles. I'd kind of run out of betting articles to write about, so may have some others from my trading experiences.

    Haltdalsufo - I'll have a blog on me own site, it's such a good way to get things off my chest. It's quite a lonely business to be in at times so very eash to bottle everything up. Lately I've been using Twitter as well, to get all those negative feelings out.