Monday, 27 June 2011

Green Up Calculator

Here's a free green up calculator that I'd like to share with anyone who's trading!

I like to use the calculator for two purposes:
1. To determine at what odds I'll need to green up to make X% profit
2. If the trade is in-play and the game isn't going the way I'd hoped then what would my profit/loss be at the present time.

We can never predict how a game will turn out. Greening up will mean we make an equal profit, or loss, whatever the outcome instead of taking a big win or big loss. I'm also developing a calculator which will mean we can take the potential loss away from the event in-play. If the stronger selection wins we take better profits, if it loses then we make £0.

Here's the link to the calculator:



  1. I use this calculator:

  2. A shorter url to above link:

  3. What software are you using?

  4. bfexplorer pro, and what app are you using?

  5. For automatic trading I use Bet Angel, they too have a green up calculator. I also have Gruss and Xpress Trader but don't use them often. I find BA does everything I need it to.

    Are you a trader?

  6. The last comment you posted was a good one, why did you delete it?

  7. Is this some kind of English humor because I did not delete anything, why should I post it if I would delete it later. Never mind.

  8. If you want some English humour watch Black Adder! I wonder what happened to the message, I may have deleted it without knowing...