Thursday, 30 June 2011

30/06 - Trades

Here’s today’s trade. Please note there is a slightly different exit strategy now.

Brann v Odd Grenland – 18:00
- Lay Under 1.5 goals @ 3.0 or after 20 minutes, whichever comes first, if 0-0
- Green up after 1st goal
- Exit if back odds drop to 1.5 for small loss



  1. at what point {time in the game} would you expect the back odds to hit 1.5 ??

  2. It can depend on the game. For example, a strong favourite against a weak team will keep the 1.5 goals odds up higher than normal. Two low scoring teams the odds will drop to around 1.5 after 60 minutes.

  3. A nice winner Koda, where the odds there? Somehow the markets always expect goals from Norway and usually the odds slowly drop but with the first goal in the 30th minute I expect you was matched?


  4. On 20 minutes odds were 3.5 on the lay, then jumped to 6.8 after the goal. So a nice little profit there. Have you ever watched the odds after a goal on the 1.5 goals market? Looks like people are looking to protect their positions. We're hoping that the big leagues will be much better.

  5. How do you mean Koda?? People covering positions in other markets on the 1.5 goal market? Some people do that with correct score trading.

  6. koda , i was trading this game on your advice but i know from past experience , in the bigger leagues the odds would have shot out past 10.0

  7. Raymond - smaller numbers of traders playing to big stakes = market control, odds manipulation and low liquidity. They're dangerous markets to play in but with stats on our side we can still manage some profits.

    Anonymous - totally right, but to be fair not even Serie A can be classed as a Big League when it comes to trading. The Big Trading Leagues are England, Spain and to a certain extent Germany.