Friday, 24 June 2011

Portfolio Update

It's been a while since I had 5 minutes to sit down and a write proper blog post. I've just got so much on that I rarely update results daily now, but rather every couple of days just to save myself some time.

I've been putting up the trades every day, and they're coming along nicely, we're certainly well on our way to making 60 PTS profit in our first year. The Scandinavian leagues aren't easy to trade, the odds simply don't move as they should and I wonder (seriously) if there are powers at large keeping the odds movements down on purpose. When the Big leagues come back this won't happen as much, there will be too many people backing, laying and trading to hold down prices for too long.

So, onto normal back betting...

Although I've been doing a lot of trading and research my normal betting is still going strong. You can't afford to take your eye off things for a millisecond and I have made some subtle changes where necessary. A couple of services have been removed from the portfolio whilst there have been some additions. The removal was a football service that I wasn't confident in. The additions were a couple of horse racing services and one football service.

There are now 14 full-time and 1 part-time services in the portfolio and that suits me just fine. I have had to go into pseudo accounts over the last month as some of the bigger bookmakers turn away my bets. Although I felt a little insecure when my biggest account was shut down I'm now relieved that I had the pseudo accounts ready to use. 5 Ps - Perfect Planning Prevents Pathetic Performance!

Tipster: Todays P/L: Stakes: ROI: POINTS Total:
4PA 0.00 0.00   110.30
BLB 0.00 0.00   -11.16
CL 0.00 0.00   45.02
EI 14.10 2.80 504% 99.03
FE 0.00 0.00   24.27
FI 0.00 0.00   32.44
NMP -0.25 1.50 -17% 13.55
PJAF 2.60 4.50 58% 48.71
PJAW 0.00 0.00   -1.50
SK 0.00 0.00   64.81
SR -0.39 2.00 -20% 9.70
STR 0.00 0.00   119.66
SYS 16.50 17.00 97% -83.85
TME 4.00 5.00 80% 17.00
AB 0.00 0.00   3.75
MB 0.00 0.00   -2.21
TRAS 0.00 0.00   -1.11
Today: 36.56 32.80 117.04%  
Active Tipsters Total:       488.41
All Tipsters Total:        
Financial Totals: This month: £2,940.11    

I don't really want to go into stating this and that about the performances of different services. There have been plenty of ups and downs but since my last post there have certainly been more ups. 4 Pronged Attack had a good Ascot and PJAF has continued its winning ways since I joined about 3 months ago now. EI was one of my biggest worries when I resubscribed in April but my loyalty is certainly paying dividends right now. I jumped onto TME at just the right time and we saw another winner at 7/1 today, the service operates to longish odds so there will definitely be long losing runs.

I could go on but it's 23:20 and I'm up early to trade some of the Japanese J1 games.


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