Saturday, 26 February 2011

All it takes is one day...

I'm going to be as positive as I can about today, but it's going to be rather difficult...

Tipster: P/L Today: Stakes: ROI: Net Profit
4PA -1.88 3.00 -63% 106.12
BLB -1.09 10.00 -11% -4.25
BLIP -3.22 4.72 -68% 5.65
CL 0.00 0.00 N/A 36.41
CNB 1.70 2.00 85% 0.23
EI -1.00 1.00 -100% 50.72
FB 0.25 9.00 3% 10.92
FE 0.00 0.00 N/A 26.97
FI -2.94 13.00 -23% 22.54
GVE 1.10 1.00 110% 6.19
LB -1.00 1.00 -100% 2.02
MGB -1.94 6.00 -32% 17.40
NB -1.00 1.00 -100% -23.65
NMP -2.25 2.25 -100% -4.98
PB -1.25 1.25 -100% 15.65
SK -8.56 16.00 -54% 41.03
SKS 1.95 3.00 65% -1.09
STR -16.00 16.00 -100% 60.00
TRAM 0.00 0.00 N/A -16.57
TRAS 0.00 0.00 N/A -1.61
WRT 0.00 0.00 N/A 7.01
AB 1.70 1.00 170% -1.17
MB -1.00 1.00 -100% -2.90
22L -1.98 6.00 -33% -2.52
Active total: -32.23 80.50 -28.97% 350.10
All-time total:   6909.59 4.29% 220.44

There weren't any specific culprits for the mega financial loss I suffered today, there were just no standout performers. The last couple of months have been very difficult. Northern Monkey Punter has been diabolical, after an initial profit of 14 PTS I'm now in the negative by 5 PTS, that's a 19 PTS loss in just under 2 months. Equine Investments, Form Bet, Football Investor, Pro Bandit and Neural Bets have all contributed to a poor couple of months... on the other hand we've had good performances from 4 Pronged Attack, Mr Gekko Bets, Skeeve, Strikeline and Geert Van Elsen.

The Linebacker service changed its name to SportsUSA a few months back. The american football picks were doing well but the ice hockey ones have been poor. I won't be following any more tips that aren't american football ones. I have decided I won't be continuing with the 22 Legs service once the trial runs out on Monday.

There's a lot of negatively charged particles in me at the moment, this is a business and I treat it like one, but it just isn't going forward at all. In fact, it has been steadily going backwards. Going backwards is unsustainable especially when there are costs and of course, I need to take a small salary, which I haven't done once yet. All profits have been reinvested.

My answer as always is to produce my own systems, then I'll only have myself to blame if things take a turn for the worse. Apologies for the negative words, but getting stuff off my chest is what the blog is all about. It has been a tough period both mentally and financially. If I come through this it'll only serve to make me a better person.

Until tomorrow


  1. o dear, i must say its been difficult time for a lot of services the last 2-3 months, i think wot we hav to remember is the time of year where the weather plays a part. I'm sure a lot of services will come through this tricky period with flying colours and make back what we hav losted with profits. This is why we have betting banks to cope with tricky times.

  2. We'll all be wearing pace-makers comewhat May! lol. I would do anything for a bit of consistency but this just isn't the business for that, unless you're staking a couple of quid on each bet it does get to you at times.

    There's just one service that I wish would pick up, Equine Investments... when they're on fire it seems like everyone's on fire!

    All positive, thanks for the comment.

  3. Hey Koda mate, Enjoying keeping a regular eye on your progress.

    Tell me,( if you dont mind of course ) did you start the year with an idea of how much you felt that you could earn? If so, do you feel you are on course, even after these dificult couple of months.
    Also, How are you coping with the "mental" side of things now that you are full time and in a position where you MUST make a profit to pay the bills.
    I must say, credit to you for giving it a bash and best of luck with it

  4. Hi Alan,

    I actually work part-time, unless you have already made a lot of money, have a long list of pseudo accounts to use and are with most of the best tipsters out there then I wouldn't suggest leaving a normal job, it's just too risky.

    As you'll have seen I'm doing my best to develop my own systems. I'm optimistic it'll work out, but time constraints are limiting the amount of time I can research, that'll change from May. As for my financial target, I'd envisaged around the £30k mark, will be tough getting there now but still attainable.

    Working as a pro is difficult, I've been having hypnotherapy to help deal with things better, and to be honest it has helped but I'm not cured. It's a daily thing but what with coming up with a planner, business plan, etc. it's all going in the right direction.

    Hope to see your comments again.


  5. Hypnotherapy!!
    Wow you are going for it arn t you. Not a bad idea though if it works.
    I do feel conquering the mental side of gambling is the hardest part. Its one thing to look at a tipsters set of results for a full year and see for evample a 200 point profit, but those same results might show that during the course of the year the Tipster had a 50 point drawdown over a couple of months of that same year.
    When you are in the middle of that losing run your mind plays tricks on you and it is easy to end up blowing it.
    £30 k will be a fantastic achievment if you can pull it off. You will certainly have deserved it considering your high workload of services you have to fit into your working life.
    Best wishes Again