Friday, 22 April 2011

Real fed up

I'm not going to go into the victimisation rant today, but with all results taken out today and then Rotherham throwing away a 2-0 lead it was just another one of those days that's been happening all too often recently. When there have been winnings there have been bigger losses the following days.

Tipster: Todays P/L: Stakes: ROI: POINTS Total:
4PA 0.00 0.00 N/A 101.76
BLB -2.00 2.00 -100% -3.84
BLIP 0.00 0.00 N/A 4.42
CL 0.00 0.00 N/A 43.72
EI 0.00 0.00 N/A 62.02
FB -3.20 3.20 -100% 2.96
FE 0.00 0.00 N/A 20.77
FI -4.00 4.00 -100% 32.44
MGB -8.00 8.00 -100% 11.06
PJAF -1.20 2.50 -48% 17.63
SK 0.00 0.00 N/A 64.81
STR -8.00 8.00 -100% -23.50
SYS 25.79 32.00 81% -23.81
AB 0.00 0.00 N/A 0.87
MB 0.00 0.00 N/A -8.96
TRAM 0.00 0.00 N/A -15.17
TRAS 0.00 0.00 N/A -1.61
WIFLI 0.00 0.00 N/A -1.50
Today: -0.61 59.70 -66.77%  
Active Tipsters Total:       284.07
All Tipsters Total:   9224.29 2.25% 26.38
Financial Totals: This month: -£3,635.80    
  This year: -£1,539.89    

The one positive of the last few days has been SYS who have really begun to turn around their initial losses. Mr Gekko Bets had a terrible day today with all selections losing, including the Rotherham one which was the icing on a bad cake. At only 11 PTS profit now for the season Mr Gekko Bets has seriously underperformed. Having been endorsed by the SBC without a full year's trial the service although profitable has left a lot to desire in all honesty.

I really am glad that I've got involved with doing my own research because I don't think my ticker could handle too much of these big ups and downs for too much longer. The quicker I get this research done the better really as that will surely help with motivation. Although I'm extremely grateful for tipsters, when they all go on terrible runs together it can become unbearable placing bets at times. It's the rule of probabilities and I understand that fully but even so it's my money that's just going, going, gone...

So, I'm off to the beach tomorrow to try and get away from all this. Shall be putting up a few Serie A trades over the next half an hour on Twitter.



  1. Hi Koda,
    I have been following your blog for a while. I can understand how hard it is to keep going in situations like these. I have been there and thought about throwing in the towel also. But if you believe you have a profitable system, (and you must if your risking your own money on it), then eventually the turn around will come and you will achieve whatever the average ROI is. I think worrying daily and even weekly about results is a big waste of time and adds way too much stress to the job. I used to do that too. Now, although I post a weekly review on my site, I dont really look at totals at the end of the month. This year I managed to go from $46k in profit down to just $5k. It went back up over the last few months but has stalled again. Currently i'm sitting around $30k profit. If you would like to read my blog or share some emails I'm happy to do that.
    Good luck mate
    website is

  2. Hi Steve,

    Can you send me your email, my email is in the top left of the blog. I have a couple of questions to ask if you don't mind.