Tuesday, 26 April 2011


The last few days have been like walking on a treadmill; plenty of work but we haven't gone anywhere. I have however, continued to invest time in bringing my research up together. I realised I needed an interactive football table, one that would show the table at given dates. The programming took about 4 hours but it's just how I want it now, and it's divided into Home and Away sections... it will enable me to see how teams have fared over given time periods and is a valuable tool. I'm not sure I'm going to carry on with the Form Lab Black software, it hasn't yielded the profits I had initially hoped for and some of the stats are not presented in the format I would like. Plus, there are some important bits missing and I can create my own spreadsheets that do exactly what I want them to do. It's a pity I can't program in other languages, otherwise I would create my own software.

Here are the results from Saturday to yesterday.

Tipster: Todays P/L: Stakes: ROI: POINTS Total:
4PA -2.80 7.30 -38% 98.96
BLB -4.37 8.50 -51% -8.21
BLIP 0.00 0.00 N/A 4.42
CL 0.00 0.00 N/A 43.72
EI 0.00 0.00 N/A 62.02
FB -4.46 4.46 -100% -1.49
FE 2.50 1.00 250% 23.27
FI 0.00 0.00 N/A 32.44
MGB 2.25 5.00 45% 13.31
PJAF -0.74 3.75 -20% 16.90
SK 0.00 0.00 N/A 64.81
STR 2.00 5.00 40% -21.50
SYS 3.87 58.00 7% -19.94
AB 0.28 0.10 275% 1.15
MB 0.00 0.00 N/A -8.96
TRAM 0.00 0.00 N/A -15.17
TRAS 0.00 0.00 N/A -1.61
WIFLI 0.00 0.00 N/A -1.50
Today: -1.47 93.11 45.25%  
Active Tipsters Total:       282.60
All Tipsters Total:   9311.40 2.14% 24.91
Financial Totals: This month: -£3,697.58    
  This year: -£1,601.67    

Some bookmakers have paid out on Manchester United to win the title hence why Football Elite made 2.5 PTS over the weekend. I use the date the bet was resolved not it was made. Although R. V. Persie won't win the Premier League Top Scorer market he is now in joint 3rd with Darren Bent so we should be getting the E/W part on that. As for another two ante-post bets, we're on L. Messi and C. Ronaldo to be Champions League Top Scorers. With Anelka, Gomez and Eto'o all out the competition and Messi top goalscorer by 3 goals we should be looking at a winner. The last few months haven't been kind so fingers crossed for no last minute shockers...

I won't be placing any more football bets until next season now. I missed out on Football Investor's good weekend but am generally careful at season's end. The trades I provided to Centaur all won at the weekend but as I was away at Sandbanks on Saturday I didn't place them myself. I am quietly confident I can now make it as a trader, one of the difficulties I had a while ago was spotting opportunities, but with a little experience under my belt and learning from the types of trades I've been receiving over the last few months I'm hopeful it'll work out.

Only a few days left til May! And Equine starting up on the 30th too.



  1. About the CL (Champions League)-service; is there an SBC review out of it coming? What's its ROC been per season in the past/what is it this season so far? How much does it cost?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. There isn't a review due that I know of. It's a service that operates only when Champions League games are on so it may not be in SBC's interest.

    I for one am extremely glad I started following the service. We've made about 20 PTS profit this season and the ante-post bet on Messi to be top CL scorer will pay out at odds of 8.0. At just under £60 a season it's one of the best value for money tipsters/stats resources out there. The 2009/10 season made just over 25 PTS profit.