Friday, 29 October 2010

Bad bookies

There are plenty of them, willing to take your money when you're losing but when you start winning put on the brakes so you can only travel at £5 a bet. I thought Interwetten were one of the better bookies, not only have they restricted me to about £5 a bet, laughable, but to withdraw my money I have to supply a photo ID, utility bill and bank account statement, wtf for I ask?.... If I had remortgaged my house, not had enough money to put food on my children's plates and the like would the bookies ever have worried? God damn no. My message to anyone serious about gambling is don't go placing any bets, make sure you have an edge, value, so you win in the long-run! Boylesports, Sportingbet, Betfred, Interwetten and the rest aren't our friends, they're out to win as much of your money as they can get their hands on, I have never heard of a bookie being worried about your losses, keep them onside for as long as possible but take them to the cleaners, they don't have good values so treat them like they need to be treated.

Here are today's results:

Tipster: P/L Today: Stakes: ROI: P/L 365 Days:
4PA 0.00 0.00 N/A 69.57
CL 0.00 0.00 N/A 22.72
EI 0.00 0.00 N/A 17.19
FE 0.00 0.00 N/A 12.34
FI 0.00 0.00 N/A 10.46
MGB 0.00 0.00 N/A 16.44
PB 0.00 0.00 N/A 21.67
SK 0.00 0.00 N/A 35.24
CNB 0.00 0.00 N/A -5.48
FES 0.00 0.00 N/A 4.03
EWV -2.30 4.00 -58% -25.58
BLB 0.00 0.00 N/A -1.74
TRA 2.35 2.35 N/A 12.37
AB 0.00 0.00 N/A -4.93
MB 0.00 0.00 N/A 6.14
SPDT 0.00 0.00 N/A -0.23


  0.05 6.35 -58% 190.21

You can use the exchanges instead of unfair bookies, like I do with my trading. Each Way Value came close to breaking even for the day with a 3rd and a 4th of the four selections. My get out of jail card was my trading though with the Bayern Munich game unfolding just as I had predicted, and I got my greening up just as is should be, the same profit no matter what the outcome.

Lots of bets placed this evening, many of them on outsiders so I'm anxious to see how the weekend will fair, hopefully in my favour so that'll mean a few more account

Until tomorrow

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